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Welcome to Human Synergy

Posted by : admin | Dated: 19/04/2011   Category :  Blog

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Human Synergy is a community based 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing services that have a positive impact on the mental, physical and economic conditions of at-risk youth, disabled and the disenfranchised. We help facilitate in these areas: families with food, emergency funding, war veterans services, individual and community gardening, health and nutritional information, disaster relief, diverse housing needs, affordable workforce housing, clothing, physical fitness, preventative health care options and screenings, transportation, social services, physical and mental rehabilitation, education and scholarships, arts and music,sustainable job training and employment, soft jobs skills training, life skills, parenting classes, senior citizens services, re-entry to society from incarceration and more. We have developed specific empowerment programs targeted for these urgent and critical needs. We partner with like-minded people, small local businesses to larger corporations that share our vision for the greater good. Join us and learn more about our programs, events and ways to support on our donate page. Thank you in advance for your financial help and generosity.

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